About Us

Borneo Medical Centre (Miri) is a 100 bedded tertiary care private medical centre. We are equipped with the modern medical technology, as well as a talented and dynamic team of health care professionals; all dedicated to the continued wellbeing of the people. We aim to deliver high quality medical care to loco-regional and international patients, regardless of race, religion or nationality. Located in the central hub of Miri, we care about our patient’s wellbeing. We like to think of our patients and their families not only as ‘people’ but as ‘individuals’, and we believe that the partnership between patients and medical staff is what enables us to deliver the highest possible levels of care. Our aims at Borneo Medical Centre (Miri) are two fold. To provide the people of Sarawak with tertiary level care at an affordable price, as well as to provide a place for budding new health professionals to return to.


To be the leading healthcare provider in Northern Borneo


We endeavour to be the most trusted regional medical centre, through the provision of comprehensive, state-of-the-art, accessible and value-driven medical services in a friendly, safe and supportive team environment.

  • To promote and implement the vision, mission and values of Borneo Medical Centre (Miri).
  • To foster and build a culture of teamwork in the provision of quality, safe and cost effective medical services.
  • To develop and maintain excellence in patients care and clinical practice through continuous professional education and adoption of evidence-based medicine.

Value Statements

Our core values are embedded in the powerful acronym “TRUST” :


We foster a culture of trust by adhering to professional standards, upholding integrity and maintaining strict confidentiality


We respect our patient’ rights, honour individuality and maintain dignity regardless of gender, race, nationality and belief


We believe in working together as one team in the delivery of quality services


We strive to promote a safe, caring and supportive environment for our patient and their families


We aim to achieve timely access to quality services for all our patient

Patient's Rights 

Rights to Medical Treatment.

  • To receive medical advice and treatment which fully meets the current accepted standards of care and quality.
  • To receive prompt and immediate treatment in case of emergency.
  • To be given appropriate assessment and management of your pain and appropriate care and treatment thereafter.
  • To have an informed consent before any procedure of surgery is carried out. 

> Rights to Information and Health Education.

  • To know the names and roles of the healthcare provider attending to you.
  • To receive clear explanation of proposed treatment, current health status , diagnosis , course of treatment , benefits and risks of treatment and the expected treatment outcome , including unanticipated outcomes as well as follow up and continuity of care after discharge.
  • To have access to an interpreter if language barrier arises.
  • To know the medication you are taking along with the possible side effects.
  • To be advised and informed of estimated cost of treatment and care planned.
  • To receive an itemized bill upon request.

> Rights to Choice of Care.

  • To choose the facility and treatment you prefer and be treated and referred to a doctor of your choice according to their credential suitability.
  • To accept or refuse any medication , investigation or treatment and to be informed of the likely consequences of doing so. (Including whether or not to take part in medical research program)
  • To seek second opinion when you have doubts.
  • To involve members of the family or others of your choice in your treatment and care.

Rights to Confidentiality / Safety

  • To be ensured of the confidentiality and privacy of your personal and medical information and records.
  • To be treated in a safe , clean and comfortable environment that is free from all sorts of abuse , neglect and mistreatment.
  • To request for a medical report from your doctor at a chargeable fee.  

> Rights to Voice Comments or Concerns

  • To provide comments or feedback through channels provided for this purpose and have complaints dealt with promptly and fairly.
  • To provide feedback to the Head of Department concerned or by using Customer Feedback Form , suggestion & Customer Service Department at bmcmir@gmail.com or feedback@bmcmiri.com.