Admission & Discharge

Admission and reception counter is located at Level 1, Ground Floor. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free admission, please bring the following along with you:

  • Malaysian Identity Card (IC) / Passport / Birth Certificate
  • Medical insurance card and written letter of guarantee from your health insurance company (if you are covered by insurance)
  • Your doctor’s referral note
  • Past or present medical records, x-rays, or prior test results
  • Medications that have been prescribed to you
  • If you are covered by your employer’s medical benefits scheme, please bring along with you: Letter of guarantee and Authorisation Letter/Medical Chit from your company

The deposit amount varies and depends on the type of treatment and surgical cases. The deposit itself may be made in Cash / Credit Card / Sarawak Pay.

For discharge, the doctors will certify on the discharge during their ward rounds and the activation of discharge will commence after the discharge summary is given by the doctor. Kindly allow about two hours or more for the centre to process the final billing and to prepare the necessary medication. For Patients admitted under insurance claim will be subject to a waiting period of two to four hours for our centre to finalize the Guarantee Letter with the Insurance Company before the discharge.

For Patients who wish to discharge before the finalization of the Guarantee Letter need to place deposit payment as determined by the Admission and Registration Personnel. Payment of bills must be made at Level 1, Cashier counter by either Cash / Credit Card / Sarawak Pay.